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Sheikh Abdur-Raheem McCarthy admonishes on beneficial knowledge •As Lagos IOU students commence awareness month





The Lagos students of Islamic Online University, now
International Open University, IOU have commenced their Awareness Month.

The programme is meant to sensitize prospective students of using their meaningful time to seek beneficial knowledge through the university as well as to raise the awareness of Muslims on the spread the message of Islam.

Dr Bilal Philips, a Canadian Muslim Scholar is the founder and chancellor of the University.
According to the vice Chairperson of the Lagos Student Committee, Br Ishola Balogun, there will be
Social Media interaction on creating awareness of IOU; Youth engagement on seeking beneficial knowledge through IOU; creating awareness in Masajid during Jumaat service and distribution of flyers.

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According to him, there will also be a webinar lecture on the topic Seeking Beneficial Knowledge via internet among others.
Meanwhile, kick starting the event world-wide via a webinar with about 160 Students Representatives from various countries across the globe, Sheikh Abdur-Raheem McCarthy, an Irish American, who delivered lecture on the Awareness month said seeking beneficial knowledge is one of the best action anyone can embark on.

In his lecture, the scholar said: “When it comes to the issue of seeking knowledge, no doubt it is one of the best actions. Imam Ahmed Sufyan said: “I don’t know any deed that is better than seeking knowledge if the intention is correct.

“If we may ask, how can the niyyat be correct when seeking knowledge? He was asked about the correct Niyyat and he said the intention to erase ignorance from yourself first and then from others.

“This has been my ultimate intention anytime I seek knowledge, first to become someone who has the knowledge of the religion and then erase the ignorance of others. It is something that is automatic, when you have knowledge based on Quran and Sunnah, you will always want to share it with others and spread it. This is one of the ways of preserving knowledge. But there are two main angles to this.

One, many of the things I studied and tried to forget, but when I get back to teaching, it really helps. “The second issue is acting upon knowledge. Those who really act upon knowledge, Allah put barakah in their dawah. That is why you see some daii who are not more knowledgeable have more followers than those who are more knowledgeable. This is what I have come to find out myself. If you act upon knowledge, there is always barakah in it.

“Again, anybody that is dutiful to his parents, Allah adds more baraka to his knowledge. A lot of you by now know your strengths and weaknesses. I know when it comes to public speaking, it is one of my strengths but when it comes to writing, I am not very good at that. Yes, I may have books, I want to write but even at that, the important thing will be to focus on areas where I will be stronger. Sheikh Bakar Abu Zaod during the time Sheikh Bn Baz, Sheikh Utheymeen, you will never find one lectures of Sheikh Bakar Abu Zaod, he never gave khutbat too, but he has over 60 books that he authored.

“Again, don’t be like someone teaching others good things and forgetting himself. According to the hadiths, these kinds of people give light to the people and often times they forgot themselves. Abu Huraira gave example of those who don’t act upon knowledge. “It is an example of a treasure that you don’t give in the path of Allah.”

“Imam Ahmed said he never learned any hadith except he acted upon it. With this kind of attitude, that is where the baraka lies. So, it is not the volume that matters, it is the barakah. This is what is going to benefit us on the day of judgement. Allah will ask us what did you teach the people? What is the knowledge you spread to those platforms that you had,” Sheikh McCarthy said.


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