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Ramadan Day 08: Don’t be distracted from daily ibadaah





By Haroon,-Ishola Balogun

Among the things that can destroy the rewards of fasting is allowing oneself to be distracted by being engrossed in TV shows, movies, soap operas, football matches especially the common European and English championship; playing games, idle talk and gathering among others. This most times, distract Muslim from daily congregational prayers and other ibadah in this month. Some fasting Muslims also used most time of the day to sleep so as to avoid the pangs of hunger and thus spend the night in entertainment and indulging in their desires.

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These acts diminish the rewards of a Fasting Muslim. The month, both day and night should be used to the fullest in gaining the rewards in it. It is important we have to work, though, even as we go about our businesses in the halaal way, we have to minimise our mundane involvements and maximise our acts of worship. Plan your day very well, and use your free time for acts of ibadah rather than seeing movies, football matches and playing games.

We can change the sinful lifestyles that have crept into our lives. To do this, we need to exert ourselves more in spiritual matters this period.  It is only a month and must be used to the fullest.

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We know that in this month the Prophet (s.a.w) beside fasting during the day, prayed for longer hours at night, exerted more in Allah’s dhikr (remembrance), humbled himself before His Creator, and showed his love and fear of Allah and special reverence for this month. This Ramadan we, too, need to take the minutes and the hours from our schedules to exert more in worship of Allah. This is the only way Ramadan can positively change our lives for better.

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Endeavour to encourage your children to recite Quran regularly every day even if it be a little. This will not only instill discipline in them but will also make them know more about the words of God.
Wake them up for Tahajud, Suhoor and Fajr prayers. Build their confidence by encouraging them (especially the younger ones under ten years old) to fast even for a few hours or half a day. Let them perform Salat together while you pray. Teach them one new things about Ramadan every day, on dua, Quran, Hadith, benefit of fasting and Taraweeh, Charity, etc.

May Allah give us the grace to do what pleases Him, accept our fasting and other acts of Ibadah and reward us abundantly. Amin.

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