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COMMISSIONING OF NASFAT IKORODU HEALTH CENTER: We shall continue to promote people’s well-being — Onike, Chief Missioner





The Chief Missioner of Nasrul-Lahi-l-Fatih Society, Imam Abdul-Azeez Onike, has said that the society will continue to promote members and non-members’ well-being by vigorously pursuing the health agenda policy tagged Health, Education, Livelihood and Da’wah, HELD.

Sheikh Onike stated during the commissioning ceremony of an ultra modern health center built by NASFAT Ikorodu Branch, last Sunday.
According to Onike, NASFAT, having realised that the government alone cannot provide all the social amenities for the citizenry, we will continue to be partner in progress with the government in ensuring that there is improvement in the wellbeing of the community.

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He added that our Noble Prophet (PBUH) underscored the importance of health in our lives when he said: “There are two blessings which many people do not appreciate: health and leisure”. He (PBUH) also said further regarding good health that: “No blessing other than faith is better than well-being”.

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While commending the initiators of the laudable project, Onike prayed for all those who contributed to the building of the health center, saying Allah will consider it as a recurring charity for them, going by the hadith, “Anas ibn Malik reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Seven deeds of a servant continue to be rewarded after his death while he is in his grave: knowledge to be learned, constructing a canal, digging a well, planting a date-palm tree, building a mosque, handing down a written copy of the Quran, and leaving a righteous child who seeks forgiveness for him after his death.”

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He further commended members of Ikorodu branch of the society for being among the branches that have established health centers, following the footsteps of Abidjan branch in Cote di voire, Osogbo branch and others
Speaking at the event, the President of the society, Mr Niyi Yusuf said, the society’s commitment is always, as a matter of necessity, to impact on the lives of Nigerians irrespective of their faith, tribe, colour, gender or creed, as demonstrated in the HELD agenda of the society.

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He opined that, even though NASFAT is a faith-based society but the mission/vision is not focusing on religious matters alone rather all areas that concerns the growth, welfare and development of humanity.

The health center was commissioned by the Executive Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Olushola Sanwo-olu, who was represented by Alhaji Mutahir Adams from the State’s Ministry of Home Affairs.
The Governor commended NASFAT in its efforts at improving people’s welfare.

Other dignitaries at the occasion included the Chief Imam of Ikorodu Land, Sheikh Olowooribi, the Publisher of Oriwu Sun Newspaper who also donated a mosque that was commissioned at the event; Alhaji Mansoor Olowosaago, the Oba of Igbogbo Land, the Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Primary Health Board, Dr Mustapha, National Health Secretary of NASFAT, Dr Mrs Bakare among others.

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