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    Excerpts from the Jumu’ah Khutbah in Masjid Al Haram, Makkah (25 December 2020)





    Excerpts from the Jumu’ah Khutbah delivered by His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al Sudais in Masjid Al Haram on 10 Jumadi Al Awwal 1442 corresponding to 25 December 2020

    The teachings we have in Islam are the pinnacle of brilliance. However, every so often, there unfortunately appear among Muslims disturbing issues that need to be discussed and treated

    At the present time, a very troubling and serious matter has become prevalent; and it is something whose nature is detestable, and whose constituents and results are quite bitter. It poses a great danger to individuals and can do away with entire communities. It is something that is only engaged in by diseased souls, and it distorts the brilliance of Islam’s true teachings. I implore Allah to grant all of you His protection. What we are referring to here is discarding respect for others when disputes arise and spreading bad things about people, although love and harmony existed before. In other words, we are talking about .being abusive during disagreements, after the existence of a good relationship.

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    The existence of differences are something that Allah decreed would take place in this world. Allah, who is perfect in every way, said, (“If your Lord willed, He would most certainly unite all people upon the truth. However, He did not decree that. Thus, differences will remain between people, except for those whom your Lord grants His mercy. He created people such that differences would exist among them) [11:118-119]. Differences are one thing, but opposition to the truth is the real evil that produces disputes, contention, disorder, and corruption. The esteemed scholar ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy upon him) said, “Differences occurring between people is something inevitable due to the variations in their intentions and understandings. However, what is blameworthy is for there to be transgression and enmity “.between themselves due to such things

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    Hence, the existence of differences is something natural. As for things like opposition and division, those are prohibited in the texts of Islam’s teachings. People opposing each other for no valid reason is a pitfall that has brought disastrous consequences upon lands and people by distorting what is true, obstructing what is correct, and then undermining the rights of many among the people of Islam regarding their .dignity, their religion, and having good things exist between them

    This ailment has spread in the midst of many people over with time. It has disfigured their insides although they appear fine on the outside. As a result, they do not honor any agreements or ties they have with the people of Eman, they do not maintain integrity or standards when dealing with others, and they are not inhibited by Islam’s teachings that prohibit doing wrong. Consequently, they pollute their own selves and their words, and they immerse themselves in terrible things. When such a person has even the slightest disagreement with his brother, spouse, neighbor, or friend, he unleashes loads of disparagement; and he may even go as far as accusing others of nifaaq (outwardly pretending to practice Islam while rejecting it within), riddah (forsaking Islam after accepting it), or kufr (willfully rejecting the truth from Allah).

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    We seek refuge with Allah from such things and we free ourselves from such actions. Other aspects of such a person’s behavior include insults, vulgarity, character assassination, arrogantly seeing oneself as better than others, inciting strife, thinking ill of people who submit to Allah in Islam and aiming to demolish sound values. Such a person acts as though he has no idea that being abusive in disputes is a trait of people who harbor nifaaq, and it leads to strife and division. Such people may plot, .but Allah also plots, and Allah is the best of all who can plot

    In courts, in offices of law enforcement personnel, and even on social media, instances of disputation can be found that make people of dignity cringe

    Being abusive at times of disagreement is a foul and destructive trait. It is a trait of people who are reprehensible, and it is at odds with the directives of Allah and guidance of His Messenger (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Him). Because of how blameworthy it is and how much it opposes the objectives of Islam’s teachings, numerous texts prohibit it and mention stern threats of Allah, the Most Exalted’s punishment regarding those who continue to keep it as one of their traits said, ((Remember when you received the news with your tongues and then spread what you had no knowledge of. You thought it was minor, but it was extremely grave to Allah)) [24:15]. 

    The teachings we have in Islam are the pinnacle of brilliance

    I urge us all – for the sake of Allah – to be fair even when dealing with others who express opposition. Allah will take account of all who enjoy harmony, as well as all who become abusive during disputes. The .absence of impartiality will always divide people even if they may be the closest of relatives

    Servants of Allah, you must continue to observe taqwa of Allah [by fulfilling His commands and avoiding His prohibitions]. You must also do what enables you to rise to the level of harmony and you must always beware of abusiveness in disputes. In addition, stay away from those who incite strife and those who let their tongues lose against the dignity of people who submit to Allah in Islam. ((People who harm the men and women who have Eman, when they are innocent of any wrongdoing, shall bear the burden of falsehood and tremendous sin)) [33:38]

    The guidance of our Lord and the teachings of conciliation in the Qur’an provide us with the most effective treatments and cures. Allah said, ((People of Eman, always uphold the truth, sincerely seeking to please Allah, and remain fair when giving testimony. Do not let your dislike for people cause you to be unfair to them. Rather, you must deal with them fairly. That is nearest to fulfilling Allah’s commands and avoiding His prohibitions)) [5:8]. Allah also said, ((People of Eman, no group of men should ridicule another group. It may well be the case that the men being ridiculed are better than those ridiculing them. Also, no group of women should ridicule another. It may well be the case that the women being ridiculed are better than those ridiculing them. You must not deride one another, or address each other using names you despise. Those qualities are most detestable after you have accepted Eman and understood what it entails. The people who do not repent from the aforementioned blameworthy qualities are certainly the ones who wrong themselves by committing such sins)) [49:11]. Allah prohibited mockery and merely naming others in detestable ways. Thus, what should be said about divulging confidential? matters discussed in private or tarnishing the integrity of others.

    Additionally, the Prophet (may Allah grant him commendation and protection) said, “The true Muslim is the one from whose tongue and hand other Muslims remain safe.” This was collected by al-Bukhaaree and Muslim. Furthermore, one should think well of the people of Islam, and avoid harboring ill thoughts about them. This is especially so in the case of the virtuous and respected individuals among them. By observing the foregoing sound conduct, people’s morals and virtues would reach completion, genuine brotherhood and togetherness would be achieved, the emphasis would be placed on maintaining harmony, and the love that our Lord instructed us to have in our hearts would be made a reality. Ultimately, Allah is the One who grants .guidance to the straight path.

    Jumuah Salah:

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