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State kitchen: We’re watching — NAHCON

*Says Pilgrims deserve value for their money





TheNational Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON has said that it is watching keenly how states will handle their kitchens and how the caterers are discharging their part of the agreement.

The Makkah Coordinator of the commission, Dr. Tanko Aliyu stated this during an interaction with a select member of the National Media Team on arrival in Makkah from Madinah.

Vanguard Newspaper, The Shield Online, KaabaNews Media, and Khalifah TV upon their arrival in Makkah after the mandatory four days in Madinah engaged Dr. Tanko on activities at Makkah.

Dr. Tanko disclosed that NAHCON has assigned a special committee to monitor and give daily reports on the caterers and how they are fulfilling their part of the agreement on pilgrims’ food, adding that the commission will ensure the pilgrims get value for their money.

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“The Commission is washing the states.  We have assigned a special committee to monitor and ensure the right things are done.  They are expected to give a daily report, and they will insist the pilgrims get value for their money.

“We will take on anyone who violates alreadyagreed arrangements. So far, it is only when we have a full house that we know the capacity of each one of the caterers.

Yes, the states chose their kitchens but we are not leaving the whole issue to them. Right now, there is no complaint of bad food or delay, but we are watching.

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Be objective in your report, Tanko charges newsmen.

Welcoming the newsmen, Dr Tanko advised newsmen to be objective in their reportage of the Hajj exercise. “You are not just addressing Nigerians, you are not also addressing the Nigerian Muslims; you are disseminating information about Hajj and Islam to both Muslims and non-Muslims as well as the entire world.

“So you need to be objective in all your areas of reporting.  Even as you meet the pilgrims, you also need to meet the authorities and officials either at the state level or at the commission level for balancing. “You are most welcome,” Tanko said.

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We ‘ll be professional— NMT

Responding on behalf of the newsmen, The Publisher, The Shield Online, Alhaji Mikhail Mumuni thanked the Chairman of the commission through Dr. Tanko and the entire staff of the commission for finding the selected newsmen worthy of reporting the 2024 Hajj exercise, stating: “With the array of experienced journalists on ground,  we’ll be professional and do what is expected of us at all times.”

Dr. Tanko stated that every hajj has its own challenge, noting that the challenge at the moment is trying to understand and implement the new changes in Saudi policies.

We have never had it like this, where in all the areas and management of Hajj, nobody can claim he knows everything or has answers to all questions as regards the new policies. Even some of the officials of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah don’t know.

For example, we spent two weeks shuttling between the Muassasa and the Ministry to resolve the issue of tents without a solution. But eventually, the issue was resolved. This is the essence of coming early and the Advance Team.

On Nusuk access card

“They kept insisting on the use of Nusuk access cards for everybody. This is because they want to control access to the Masha’ir, especially by making sure the holy sites are left only for pilgrims and not those with multiple visas.  They are still insisting that without that card, you cannot have access.  It is a major shift, but we don’t know whether they are going to implement it and make the access card available to all pilgrims or not.  If they do, it is going to be easier for the pilgrims because every pilgrim will have space to himself.

“We scaled through the issue of visas, and that is why you are here and others will join you.  Now it is the issue of arrival, and we are getting through it as well. We are ensuring all our pilgrims get to Madinah, and then out through Jeddah.  Insha Allah, we will achieve all that. So far, we don’t have any challenges; the pilgrims are arriving, morning, afternoon, and night.

Also, AbdulQadri Oloyin, Head of Accommodation in Makkah, however, called for synergy between the media men and Hajj managers both at the state level and the Commission, adding that the officials, pilgrims, and newsmen are all ambassadors of Nigeria and must do what is right.




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