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Super wedding: Dr Aishah Abdulwarees Solanke weds Dr Sulyman Age AbdulKareem





Only a few of such classy event happens, even the environment noticed the presence of dignitaries. Cars parked stretched more than half of the MKO Abiola Gardens road, Alausa, Ikeja.

The venue, Luxury party event center was filled to capacity for the two stanzas of the the ceremony. (Nikkah and wedding Reception)

Dignitaries from all walks of life, far and near witnessed the union.

MUSWEN Vice President, Alhaji Alh. Ebiti, MPAC, Disu Kamor, Sherifat Biola Andu, Aminat Muhammed, Alh. Najimdeen Jimoh the spiritual head of Lighthouse Community, and Secretariat of Forum for Islamic Education and Welfare, Dr. Tajudeen Adebayo.
Others include Alhaji Abdurahman Balogun, MMPN President, Alhaji Tunde Okunola, General Manager MITV, Dr Kabir Garba Alabi MMPN Vice President South West and Chairman Lagos Chapter, Dr. Waseem Akinreti, as well as Friends, guests from workplace, neighbourhood, groups and associations among others.

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The visibly elated bride’s father Alhaji Warees Solanke could not hide his joy as he said:

“When I thought I was a nobody, I was honoured by leaders of MUSWEN LEADER, ISLAMIC FORUM, MPAC, MMPN, TMC, UMA, MSS, and eminent muslims in the SouthWest at My Daughter’s Nikkah*

“Yeah, I always think I was an unknown entity. I always wanted to do my things and go my own way unnoticed. I do not party. I do not mix socially. I spent my weekends only with my wife and children when they were young.

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“I lived nearly the past 40 years in Alimosho, a part of Lagos always dreaded for its distance to the mainland with its chaotic traffic situation. So, I also dreaded venturing out of that part of Lagos at weekends because of the associated stress of returning home. But, occasionally the groups I belonged occasionally forced me out of the dreaded Alimosho. Most people are only familiar with my name as a public writer since the days of National Concord where I began my journalism career after my mass communication education at Unilag in the late 80s

“So, I thought I was an unknown entity until Saturday when I was to send forth my first daughter. Dr. Aishah Moromoke Akanke (Norhayati) in marriage. It meant I would need to invite people to witness her wedding. I sent out invitation to few close friends My wife of 30 years who heads the Research & Development Department at LASEPA, did. My children….two others who have married last year and the last child Hameedah…also did. Our number of guests was pegged or fixed. We felt we would manage attendance. But…..we were wrong

“A hall meant to sit just 500 now could not contain the number of our guests. All the groups I invited thinking I’m a no crowd person turned up in a sufficient number. My classmates of mass comm 88 set came. My brothers in the Muslim Congress were on ground. My female friends and mentees, who I established a whatsapp platform for. The Sisters of Abdulwaarith came to celebrate with me. My brothers and sisters in Unilag Alumni were present. My brothers and sisters in the Muslim Public Affairs Centre came happily. My brothers and sisters in Muslimedia practitioners of Nigeria were fully on ground. Then, the Voice of Nigeria where i have been since 2005 and my staff in the Strategic Planning & Corporate Development Department of VON came out colourfully. My neighbours in Egbe. IKOTUN, where I lived between 2015 and 2021, came fully. My neighbours in Fagbile, Isheri Osun Ijegun, that has been my area, were represented in good numbers. Add these groups to my extended family and to the staff of LASEPA who came to honour my wife and her old school mates of Government College Ketu, her own extended family from Ijebu Ode, I had more than a full house to the extent of near security breach. Nobody could notice the absence of some I had specially invited but could not make.

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“My special gratitude to MUSWEN Vice President, Alhaji Alh. Ebiti, my executive chairman at MPAC, Disu Kamor, my sisters in media practice, Sherifat Biola Andu and Aminat Muhammed, Alh. Najimdeen Jimoh the spiritual head of Lighthouse Community, and my friend and brother who heads the Secretariat of Forum for Islamic Education and Welfare, Dr. Tajudeen Adebayo.

“Earlier Sheikh Abdulfattah Thanni one of my spiritual mentors who had made arrangements to fly in from Abuja but could not make called me to apologise profusely explaining his circumstances just as Professor Abdulwaasiu Gabadeen of the University of Abuja.

“Here am I who thinks I’m nobody being a visible person when Dr. Aishah Moromoke Akanke Abdulwarees Solanke was married to an information science scholar freshly mint from a UK university, Dr. Sulyman Age Abdulkareem, the son of Professor Sulyman Age Abdulkareem, former VC of Unilorin.

“Alhamdulillah Dr. Aishah’s wedding is converting me to be more serious about celebrating with others in their time of joy. Now Alimosho situation must not deter me from reaching out as people did not consider my facelessness to honour me last Saturday.

“I can only thank God who opened the hearts of people I’ve not been close at work in my neighbourhood and the groups and individuals I’ve not been close to or active in towards me because of the nature of my work and the complexity of my area of residence.

“On Saturday, December 2, 2023, you were special in my life and would continue to be henceforth. I thank you for your and other dimensions of support.

“Jazakumllah khaeran. E seun gaaan ni ooooo.”

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