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2024 Hajj: 1,869 Lagos State pilgrims proceed to Muna

*As Amirul-Hajj rolls out itinerary of pilgrims for Hajj





No fewer than 1,869 Lagos State pilgrims currently performing the 2024 holy pilgrimage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia departed Makkah for Mina to begin the major Hajj rites which falls between the eight and twelfth of Dhul-Hijjah, the twelfth in the lunar months.

Amir-ul-Hajj, Hon. Olanrewaju Ibrahim Layode, in a statement signed by the Assistant Director, Public Affairs, Taofeek Lawal said the pilgrims began their movement to Mina between midnight and the early hours of Friday, the eight day of Dhul-Hijjah from where they would proceed to the plain of Mount Arafah, also known as Jabal Rahmah on the ninth day (Saturday).

He stressed further that in the evening of the ninth day, the pilgrims are to depart from the plain of Arafah and proceed to Musdalifah where they would observe both Solatul Magrib and Ishai, pick 49 pebbles each, relax briefly overnight after which they would move to the Jamarat on the tenth day (Sunday) to throw seven pebbles at Jamarat. The throwing of pebbles continues on day 11th and 12th respectively.

On the tenth day (Monday) Muslims (who are not pilgrims) all over the world are expected to slaughter sacrificial rams in celebration of the Eid-ul-Kabir.

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Hon. Layode emphasised that the throwing of pebbles exercise shall be performed for three days consecutively, beginning from the tenth to the twelfth of Dhul-Hijjah. He added that the pilgrims would leave Mina in the evening and return to Makkah where they would stay till they are airlifted back to Nigeria.

The Amir-ul-Hajj who described Dhul Hijjah as a sacred month and a time for heightened devotion, reflection, and acts of worship, appealed to the pilgrims to take advantage of the period to pray fervently for themselves, Lagos State and Nigeria at large. He stressed that Arafah is a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’, hence, everyone should tap the opportunity to seek Allah’s favour, forgiveness and mercy.

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Also speaking, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Islamic matters, Dr. Ahmad Abdullahi Jebe praised the pilgrims for their patience, perseverance and understanding, saying that their conduct is very impressive and satisfactory. He prayed to Allah to accept all their supplications as act of Ibaadah.

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On his part, the Board Chairman, Imam (Engr.) Shakiru Ayinde Gafar said that the main lessons Allah intended to teach Muslims across the world is equality and endurance. He stated that every pilgrim, no matter his/her status, must put on the Ihram (two pairs of white clothes by males and long gown by women) while in Mina, Arafat and Musdalifah. This, he said, signifies equality and that no human being is superior to another before Allah.

He encouraged them to be mindful of the significance of the Mina and Arafah event and see others as equal in every environment they may find themselves.

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