About Us

Kaaba news is an independent private news organization established to further spread the message of Islam through its events and activities particularly the annual world assemblage of Hajj.

Apart from providing comprehensive news and live coverage of Hajj & Umrah in the holy land, it is also a growing network with several divisions such as Mosque building, Charity foundation, and aid to Muslims in need.

Our focus therefore, is to put Muslims and their activities on the center of the news and make Kaaba news world’s most influential Hajj & Umrah news platform.

The Board of Directors of Kaaba News comprises of revered Islamic scholars and veteran journalists who give directives, decisions and related regulations.

Our team of Editors, correspondents and management are inspired by the principles and values of honesty; fairness, balance; building trust and providing a voice for the voiceless.
This is a responsibility we take very seriously and shared by every employee of Kaaba News.