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‘Don’t take loans to perform Hajj, cleric urges Muslims’





An Islamic scholar, Sheik Ibrahim Yusuf, has urged Muslim faithful not to take loan to visit the holy land, saying it is against the injunctions of the religion.

Yusuf said this at a Ramadan Lecture organised by Professional Muslim Women Network on Sunday in Lagos.

The cleric in a lecture, titled; “Islam is a Complete Religion”, said there was no need for Muslims to borrow or take loans during Ramadan or perform Hajj (pilgrimage).

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Yusuf said that it had become a norm in the society today for people to want to do more than their capacity in order to show off.

According to him, nothing is new in Islam because the religion is complete with laydown principles and that it is against Islamic injunctions.

“Many people have developed hypertension in the society because they have taken loans from microfinance banks and cannot repay.

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“To serve Allah or go for Hajj, it is not compulsory or mandatory; It is voluntary. Don’t take loan because of that, this is not acceptable.

“Islam as a religion does not make it compulsory for anyone, it is a peaceful and complete religion.

“There are five pillars in Islam that every Muslim must adhere to; there is no other God but Allah, say your five prayers daily, pay your Zakat diligently, fast during Ramadan and visit to the holy land (Mecca).

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“The visit to holy land is one of the pillars, but it is not compulsory. It is voluntary if you have the resources,” the cleric said.

He urged all Muslims who have missed any fast during the Ramadan to repay it as stipulated.

“You are exempted from the fast if you are sick, a traveler, pregnant, a nursing mother and if you’re elderly.

“You are not expected to participate in the fast if you fall into these categories. But, you must find time at a later date to observe the days missed.

“Don’t stress yourself to worship Allah. Many people have developed hypertension because of loan and stress. If God says you will go to the holy land, you will.

“Allah said, “I have made this religion complete for you easy, don’t stress yourself”,” he noted.

Yusuf urged Muslims to dedicate themselves to prayer, alms-giving and Zakat even after the Ramadan.

“Ramadan is just once a year, you must worship and pray fervently to Allah during this period.

“The period is a period of self-disciple which every Muslim is expected to continue after Ramadan,” he explained.

Hajia Rafat Salami, one of the conveners, said that the lecture was organised to educate Muslim faithful on their obligations during and after Ramadan.

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