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EFCC has become nightmare of Treasury looters —- AYA

-Refutes allegations of Bawa's poor health *Lists achievements of Bawa in one year





The Arewa Youth Assembly ( AYA) has said that within the past one  year,Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission ( EFCC), Abdulrasheed Bawa has become the nightmare of Internet fraudsters and other criminals in Nigeria.

The youths refuted allegations that the EFCC boss had a poor health and was allegedly, taking orders from Minister.

While addressing a press conference in Kaduna on Sunday,Publicity Secretary of the youth group, Aliyu Sani, said in the shortest period of Mr. Bawa’s watch as the Chairman of the EFCC, a lot has changed as looters were forced to surrender as they have no running place.

He said the anti-corruption fight has taken a new dimension which was already bringing back the sincerity and honesty of Nigeria before the world.

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“With his energy as a youth and his vast experience, Mr Bawa has continued to ensured rapid, yet careful investigations, prosecution of defaulters in economic and financial crimes offences.”

“Some of the outstanding achievements of the 40-year-old within 12 months include;

Recovery of a huge sum N152,088,698,751.64, $386,220,202.84, £1, 182,519.75, €156,246.76, 1,723,310.00 Saudi Riyal, 1,900.00 South African Rand, and 1, 400.00 Canadian Dollar and a digital currency component with 5, 36957319 Bitcoin and 0.09012 ethereum. In addition to that, there is also the convictions of 2,220 across the Commands in the same year under review being the highest, the commission has recorded within a calender year.”

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“The entire members and leadership of Arewa Youth Assembly commemorate with the Chairman, Economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC) on his one year in office. A year ago, the Arewa Youths Assembly rallied and fought for the youths in Nigeria, airing their views and pressing the Ultimate demands home on the need for youth inclusiveness in Governance at all level.”

“It seems the fight gained ground and the lord answered our prayer as we saw the nomination of Mr Abdulrasheed Bawa, a 40-year-old, as the chairman of EFCC. The Arewa youths continued with their campaign by calling on the SENATE president to immediately swing into action and see to the speedy confirmation of Mr Bawa.”

“The confirmation came and the 40-year-old was in the history books as not only the youngest, but the first career operative of the commission. This gladdens the heart of the Arewa youths, raised their hope and indeed in that we saw a symbol of fulfilment by the President, a future and permanent space for involvement of youths in governance which made us salute and appreciate the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari led administration in taking the bold steps and trusting the future of such sensitive and meaningful commission in the hands of the youths.”

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“The Arewa youth Assembly stood by the chairman, encouraging and motivating him to deliver as a youth, fight aggressively corruption and corrupt individuals by all means legally possible so as to redeem the image of Nigeria before the world and also not betray the confidence and opportunity confided in him by President Muhammadu Buhari. Even when threats of life and other challenges were facing Mr Bawa, the youths supported him, rallied around the country, showed their anger and disbelief and called for the arrest and prosecution of perpetrators of such act.”


“Some of the outstanding achievements of the 40-year-old within 12 months include;

Recovery of a huge sum N152,088,698,751.64, $386,220,202.84, £1, 182,519.75, €156,246.76, 1,723,310.00 Saudi Riyal, 1,900.00 South African Rand, and 1, 400.00 Canadian Dollar and a digital currency component with 5, 36957319 Bitcoin and 0.09012 ethereum. In addition to that, there is also the convictions of 2,220 across the Commands in the same year under review being the highest, the commission has recorded within a calender year.”

“A breakdown of the above goes as follows;

With reference to convictions, Mr Bawa’s records are above average, setting a standard that has never been achieved before now. The convictions Mr Bawa secured for the year 2021 has superceded previous records of the year 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2020 put together. Even in 2019 when the convictions record rose to 1280, it was still below Mr Bawa’s, displaying to the world his momentum, agility and capabilities to drive higher the EFCC. Mr Bawa’s Convictions were not centred in one location, they were spread across states to ensure that the country as a whole benefit in this fight against corruption. Consequently, the following convictions were made from the following Zonal Commands;”

38 from Sokoto

324 from Ibadan

481 from Lagos

137 from Illorin

170 from Benin

230 from Port Harcourt

94 from Abuja

173 from Enugu

142 from Uyo

64 from Kaduna

121 from Kano

58 from Gombe

22 from Makurdi

170 from Benin

26 from Maiduguri

140 from Headquarters

“These gives a total of 2, 220 convictions, a percentage of 98.49% with Lagos State having the highest (481) and Sokoto State the lowest (38). After thorough investigations and compliance with the law, 34 of those convictions were discharged representing 1.51%.”

“Not only convictions were made, recoveries were made in-terms of money as well. For the purpose of records and documentation, for history to bear witness, the following monetary recoveries were made in the following states;

Lagos – 70, 315, 911, 260. 52

Abuja – 1, 301, 864, 565. 43

Kano- 1, 782, 781, 764. 94

Maiduguri – 970, 424, 288. 76

Benin – 972, 058, 991. 00

Sokoto- 1, 928, 807, 015. 98

Illorin – 240, 960, 080. 44

Port Harcourt – 2, 149, 058, 169. 41

Makurdi -121, 350, 559. 00

Gombe – 385, 592, 413. 54

Uyo – 234, 006, 942. 00

Kaduna – 3, 339, 405, 723. 93

Enugu -768, 204, 344. 00

Ibadan – 325, 527, 633. 80

Headquarters – 67, 249, 744, 994. 89

“The above values amount to the total sum of 386, 220, 202. 85 US dollars which is an equivalent of 152, 088, 695, 751. 64 Nigerian Naira with Lagos having the highest amount of (70, 315, 911, 260. 52)

Since coming onboard, the Bawa has continued to set standards and achieve uncommon feats through innovative strategies in tackling economic and financial crimes. He has prioritized Prevention through deliberate strategic actions designed to identify and address vulnerabilities within the relevant sectors of the economy. Bawa has also led the development of strategic advisories for informed policy decisions by the Government including the implementation of Advance Cargo Declaration/Cargo Tracking Note for Crude Oil Exports to curb crude oil theft. These advisories have started to change the narrative in doing Government business while enhancing transparency and accountability in public expenditure. Enforcement action is guided by actionable intelligence and aimed at achieving and sustaining measurable outcomes against crimes.

The Bawa administration also embarked on internal reforms that transformed the Commission in line with international best practices. Barely under 10 months, the Commission developed 26 Departmental Standard Operating Procedures, and 21 policies & manuals to guide, standardize and strengthen the institutional capacity of the Commission. The commission also launched a 5-year strategic plan with clear objectives aimed at effective law enforcement action against Economic and Financial Crimes.”

“Bawa has continued to redefine action against economic and financial crimes through renewed commitment and improved synergy with strategic alliance partners in law enforcement action. He amplified Nigeria’s commitment to the fight against corruption at the Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly and called on global leaders to support the unconditional return of stolen assets to victim States for development financing and implementation of the agenda 2030 for sustainable development. At the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, Bawa advocated for informal communication and intelligence sharing amongst relevant law enforcement agencies across the globe as a means to successful action against economic crimes. This position was applauded globally and formed the basis of several side events at the 9th Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (CoSP to UNCAC) where Bawa stressed the importance of informal communication in international law enforcement cooperation and advocated on elimination of barriers to that effect.”

“Only one year in office, Bawa has made a new history. We believe by the end of his first tenure Bawa will be able to legally recover Nigeria’s loot that will fund one-year budget. Bawa has become the nightmare for internet fraudsters, corrupt politicians, and banks chiefs, among others.”

Bawa has reinvigorated and collaboration with schools mostly tertiary institutions by extending culture reorientation in the younger Nigerians to shun corruption and do the right thing always. Bawa also revived the engagement with our religious leaders through the inter-faith dialogue and development of corresponding manuals to facilitate conscious teaching of their followers for effective behaviour modification. The most interesting phenomenon about him is his collaboration with other agencies and MDA’s in the country. The synergy is really working. Bawa disgorged all barriers to effective domestic law enforcement collaboration and activated the coordination mandate of the Commission on law enforcement cooperation.”

“This kind of action, sincerity, hard work, commitment and dedication is what you get when you have a vibrant youth, who is educated, whose education is coupled with experience and application of knowledge. Mr Bawa is standing tall as an icon for a new Nigeria free of corruption, a symbol of hope for other youths. As a matter of national development, the Arewa Youths Assembly are pleading with the president to make room for more youths in his cabinet and in such strategic positions, so as to fight and together restore the lost glory of our Father land, we need more of Abdulrasheed Bawa in Nigeria and in doing that, indeed, we will have the DAWN OF A NEW NIGERIA.”

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