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HIJRAH: The triumph of Islam





By Razaq Bolawaye Uthman

The Glorious Qur’an 9:36 declares categorically that: “Surely, the number of months recognized by Allah in the Book of Allah is twelve, on the day Allah created the heaven and earth and among them are four sacred, transgress not during these months…”

Secondly, Qur’an 9:40 declares that: “Except you lend helping hands for Allah has supported him; when he was expelled by the unbelievers in only two in the cafe while telling his second: panic not for Allah is with us (we are covered), Allah sent upon him source of comfort and he was given unseen aids-soldiers and humbled to the depths the words of the unbelievers. But the words of Allah is exalted to the heights; for Allah is Exalted in might, Wise.”

It must be placed on record that the world host not less than a score of calendars in their numerous count before the Hijrah calendar. There was Gregorian calendar, Pawukon (Basli Indonesia, Ethiopian, Jewish, Chinese, Persian, Japanese, Jurjan, Budhist and Hindu (Vikram Samrat, Shaka Samrat and Kali Yuga) calendars. Other calendars that existed before Hijrah include Mayan, Egyptian, French Revolution, Sumerian, Zoroastrian, Celtic, Cappadocian, Achaemenid, Attic and Ancient Greek calendars.

The adoption of Hijrah during the reign of Khalifah Umar bn l Khattab (R.A) more than purposeful in the interest of the perpetuation of the noble Messenger’s mission. Neither was it for the benefits, gains or spoils from the battle of Badr nor for the miraculous birth of the Messenger, but the motive was germane in the symbolic birth of a new renaissance which plunged the whole Arabia nay, the whole world into plausible civilization unequal in the history of humanity. Historians such as Muhammad Ishaq placed on record that part of the gains of Hijrah was that more than half (50%) of the world became liberated with Islam within half a century.

Another renaissance author, Abbas Mahmud al ‘Aqad, a contemporary of Hafidz Ibrahim in Egypt, recorded in his book titled ” ‘Abqariyyatu Muhammad) meaning (The Sagacity of Muhammad) that the Hijrah brought about safety of Ad-Din (Islamic Religion) emerging triumph from the point of not only withdrawal or continuity but also state of perish or victory. Leaving Makkan comfort zone for the protection of faith which was rallied round by the Ansar in Madinah was not only challenging but also of fore-bearance.

The lessons ingrained in the Hijrah include the fact that any worthwhile undertaking should be concentrated upon for concerted achievements. A life lived to make impact on others is life worthy lived. Hijrah is symbolically the main essence of Islam as it gives rise to civilization which permeate race, tribe and geographic location.

Thanks for taking out of your time. Till we meet again in the next edition. Happy Hijrah 1445 year in session. Ma’as Salaamah.

Dr. Razaq Bolawaye Uthman Imam Ansar-Ud-Deen Society Ipaja Branch Lagos State.

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