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Intellectual property: Eminent personalities, Scholars plead with Zuglool *As Markaz Alumni writes





The Sheikh Mustapha Zuglool family said it has received a letter from Markaz Alumni Association confirming the authorship of Shiekh Mustapha Zuglool as the original writer of the book “Sa Ya’ud-ul-Arab ila Filastin” (The Arabs Shall Return to Palestine).

The family also stated that it had so far been inundated with calls and entreaties from eminent personalities and scholars on the issue.

Recall that a few days ago, Zuglool family threatened a legal action against Mudeerul Markaz, over a video he published and went viral where Sheikh Habeeb claimed that the book “Sa Ya’ud-ul-Arabu ila Filastin” was not the intellectual property of Sheikh Zuglool, and demanded retraction and apology.

A member of the Governing Council, Darud-Dawah-Wal-Irshad in a chat with the reporter stated that the family is only concerned about the authorship of the book which they have done through the Alumni Association.

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According to him, the letter which was jointly signed by both the President and Secretary General, Dr. Yusuf Jum’ah and Prof. Hamzat Abdulraheem respectively, released online states in part: “The video clip your lawyers referred to does not in our own understanding withdraw the authorship of the book in reference “saya’ud ul ‘arabu ila falastīn’ from its original writer, your father and our teacher Sheikh Mustapha Zuglool Sanusi.”

The association described the work as “The contribution of a teacher to his student’s academic work as alluded to in the video clip by Sheikh Habeebullah Adam Abdullah Al-ilory, (OON) cannot be considered by people with good conscience to be a reduction in the value of the student’s project like the book under reference ‘saya’ud ul ‘arabu ila falastīn’ especially when both the teacher and the student are proud of the book. The teacher recognizes the brilliance of the student while the student appreciates the contribution of his teacher.”

“We as Alumni Association in our own assessment consider the brilliance of your father (our teacher) an evidence of the intellectual prowess of Sheikh Adam Abdullah Al-ilory our great teacher. This position may not however be recognized by people with arrogant minds.”

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“In conclusion, we are of the opinion that the said video clip does not claim like we have said before that Sheikh Mustapha Zuglool Sanusi was not the writer of the book under reference. If you are not however satisfied with the explanations made above both intellectually and socially you may seek redress from wherever you think you can satisfy your ego aggrandizement as neither retraction will be made nor apology will be tendered.”

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