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Israel-Gaza War: Oyo Muslims protest against Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, calls for UN sanctions





The Muslim Community in Oyo State have taken to the streets of Ibadan, Oyo State, in protest against the ongoing Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, Palestine which had claimed several civilian lives, hundreds of Muslims in the country.

In show of solidarity, the Muslims carrying different inscriptions on placards kicked against the attack by Israel troops.

The protesters displayed placards with various inscriptions such as: “Let The Palestinians Breathe,”

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“Israel Is Engaging In Genocide, Power Of The World Where Are You,” among others to express their displeasure over the development.

Addressing the protesters Dr. Daud Amoo Alaga, at Oja’ba Central Mosque after the Juma prayers, Chief Missioner, Oyo State Muslim Community, condemned the action of the Israeli government and called on all concerned Muslims across the world to rise against the “oppressive” tendencies of Israel government against the Palestinians.

Speaking with newsmen after the protest, Director, International Institute For Human Heritage, Barrister

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Rasheed Kolawole said the gathering was to show their displeasure over the developments.

He said: “We are here to show our displeasure with regards to the onslaught , agression and oppression of the oppressed Palestinians whose land has been taken since 1948 and who have refused to be colonized by Israeli government who today with their forces has had been reinforcing and bombarding defenceless Palestinians.”

“So, we are showing solidarity in their support because going by history, Nigeria has always been in support of the liberation of the oppressed

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Look at what happened in Gambia when Yahya Jammeh refused to live office after an election has been conducted, Nigeria, regardless of its internal crisis, lends her voice for the liberation of the Gambians.”

“Even recently, the war between Ukraine and Russia, the world gathered together for the liberation of the Ukrainians, but the question is “why should that of Palestine be different?” What is sauced for the goose is also sauced for the gander.”

“If the United Nations is silent or passive about it, we, as Muslims must be active about it, we have to lend our voice and show our solidarity that we are totally condemning the injustice of the Israeli onslaught and supporting the oppressed Palestinians.

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“Since 1948 Israel has violated 44 United Nations declarations and nothing has happened to them, the late former Iraqi president Sadam Husein and Muamar Gaddafi of Libya did not violate up to half of International treaties and Conventions but they paid with their lives but today, the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is being defended and protected on grounds of immunity.”

“We have to create awareness about this, Muslims are saying No, what is sauced for the goose should be sauced for the gander.”

“The United Nations, after these violations, has become a toothless bulldog, they are after selective judgement, they are only after protecting their own personal interest, we are telling the United Nations that if Israel is not checked, they will turn the organisation into a paper tiger because whatever happens, the world will refuse to listen to them and they will loose their grip on the world at large.”

“We are calling on the UN to sanction Israel and its allies and if they cannot, we are calling on all concerned Muslims and advocates of human rights to boycott anything from Israel such as goods and tourism to Israel,” he urged.

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