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Let’s reform Nigeria now —- Sheikh Khalid





Sheikh Muhammed Nuru Khalid, Former Chief Imam of National Assembly Legislative Quarters Mosque and Chairman of Islamic Research and Da’awah Foundation, has called for political reforms of the current state in order to prevent Military incursion into governance.

He stated this during the Feast of Barracuda, an event organized by the National Association of Seadogs (NAS), Sahara Deck, over the weekend in Abuja, with the theme ‘National toReconciliation and Unity; Imperative for Collective Action’.

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“Politicians have proven to be a major source of problems in this country by playing the ethnic and religious cards during election campaigns,” he stated.

He urged politicians to focus on common issues such as insecurity, poverty, and sickness – challenges that affect all Nigerians regardless of their religious or ethnic backgrounds.

“We need to cease using religion and ethnicity as tools in our campaigns and instead focus on common issues,” Khalid said.

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He further proposed the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to address political injustice and economic inequality, and stressed the need for other institutional reforms.

Ene Obi, Country Director, ActionAid Nigeria, highlighted the need for patriotism and voiced concern over the high unemployment rates among Nigerian youths.

“The Nigerian youth population constitutes approximately 62% of the total population, and unemployment rates are alarmingly high,” she said.

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Obi also condemned the current trend of politicians accumulating wealth through corrupt means.

Taking a similar stance, Mr. Olamide Oni, Capoon, Sahara Deck of the confraternity, emphasized the need to address ethnic divisions and tribalism to promote national unity.

“Our capacity to overcome ethnic divisions and tribalism will indubitably shape our success in erecting a truly united and prosperous nation—one that stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Dr. Garba Abari, Director-General of the National Orientation Agency, commended the NAS for organizing the gathering.

He expressed confidence in the association’s role in promoting national reconciliation and unity in Nigeria.

“I commend the National Association of Seadogs for taking the initiative to organize this gathering, as it demonstrates your commitment to promoting national unity and reconciliation,” he said.

As Nigeria grapples with a myriad of challenges, these stakeholders, among others, have underscored the need for collective action and unity to prevent a crisis situation similar to Niger Republic’s.

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