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    Muslim groups, societies working against Allah’s plan —Shayk Faisal Zuglool





    Allah said over 1400 years ago that airplanes will be invented by men. Non Muslims understudied the Quran and eventually invented the airplane. In December 1903, the Wright brothers did it. Allah said in the Quran in Suratul Ambiyyah that Muslims will rule the world.  Again, non-Muslims understudied the Quran and detected unity.

    Bn Shayk Faisal Zuglool

    If you look at all the leading nations in the world today, they came together to form one united entity. The United States of America where 50 States became one; the United Kingdom is also a fusion of states, and the Soviet Union where 15 states coming together to form the Soviet Union.
    Ironinically, the Muslims today are the ones working against the prediction of Allah.
    Allah said emphatically in Quran Chapter 21:92 and also Quran Chapter 3:103. Hold fast unto the rope of Allah, do not be divisive.  However, today, the structure that we operate is completely against the dictates of Allah.
    Allah warned us in Quran Chapter 6:159 those who break their religion into sects, groups and societies; the Prophet will not associate with them on the day of Qiyamah.  They will ask Allah, “We prayed, we fasted and went to hajj and paid our Zakat but how are we being treated this way today? All will tell them, “the only sin you committed while on earth was that you spilt my religion into groups, sects, and societies. You had a lot of groups and societies after I had instructed you that Muslims must be one. This is a direct instruction from Allah that you must not break into groups.  All the Mufasiroon interpreted it the same way.
    Now what will make the Muslims realise the plan of Allah that Muslim will rule the world – it is simple, the Muslims must be one, anywhere they find themselves, whether in Nigeria, America or Europe, every Muslim must be one.
    Another point is unification through the Mosque system. The mosque is a worship center, a healing center, a court and a place for socialisation and whatever activity any Muslim wants to carry out must be in the mosque.
    How does the Mosque now unite us a Muslim?  As against the current structure, the mosque will be the uniting factor. For instance, Muslims in Ijegun, Isolo, Ikorodu, Lekki would have to come under the Mosque structure in those areas. Three streets in Ijegun can come together, all the Muslims there will come under one Mosque in Ijegun, and this will also apply to other areas.  We can have this arrangement at the local government, state and federal levels.
    The third point on the master plan of Allah for the Muslims is the administration of zakat.  Allah did not refer to Islam as a religion rather; He referred to Islam as a nation, and single economy.  The question is how do you run the economy?  Allah has provided for that through the zakat system. We are one and united through the mosque system.
    Then the zakat system.  We have about 200 million Nigerians and half of them are Muslims giving us 100 million Muslims today.  Let us assume that in worst case scenario, 40 per cent of these hundred million Muslims pay their zakat.  If one third of these 40 percent is assumed to be high income earner and we assume two third of these zakat paying Muslims to be low income earners, it means we will be having one trillion naira from zakat that is like $3billion.  That is a whole lot which is about the annual budget of some African countries. Now, if we have N1trillion as Muslims, we can now go back to the master plan on how Allah wants us to administer zakaat fund. Allah said the zakat is for the poor and the needy.  We are not going to give them cash, but we will establish world class hospital, and commercialised it for everybody. And if we now have anyone who cannot afford to pay the bills as long as he is cleared by his local mosque that he is a Muslim and cannot afford the bill, he will be giving the same treatment that every other person will get free of charge. That is his own benefit of the zakat fund.  In the same way, we will establish world class school as we have in developed countries. It will be for everybody who can pay since before now people send their children to other world class school and pay their bills.  Like in the case of the hospital, any Muslim who cannot afford to pay for the entire bills will also benefit from the zakat fund as long as he can get clearance from his local mosque on his eligibility. We cannot also imagine the job opportunities this will create for younger Muslims.
    The administrators of this initiative will be the Imams and notable scholars. This is also where the professionalisation of the scholars comes in. Today, we have imams collecting about N15,000 to N20,000 monthly which cannot get them anywhere.  Under this initiative, the Imam will be adequately rewarded to man the zakaat fund for us.  If we have Imams collecting N250,000 monthly, he will concentrate on the job and give in his best. Beside the job satisfaction, we would have succeeded in professionalising the Imam position, because as an Imam you can earn a decent and good living, this will also encourage young Muslims to go into Islamic theology.
    Let us all go back to Allah as instructed in the Quran. Let us all go back to the mosque and the Zakat systems as ordained by Allah.  Let us all do away with all Islamic groups and societies being created here and there.  In this way we will be actualising the prediction of Allah in the Quran that Muslims will eventually rule the world. 

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