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NAHCON meets State Officials on Nusuk Card





By: Muhammad Ahmad Musa.

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) on Wednesday, held an emergency meeting with the States’ Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Agencies, Boards and Commission in NAHCON’s Makkah office.
The meeting was hinged on the importance of sensitizing Nigerian Pilgrims on the newly introduced Nusuk Card.

The NUSUK card identifies and grants access to every pilgrim to the Masjidul Haram and also, Holy Sites called Masha’er.

The meeting which was necessitated by news of some pilgrims not carrying the card being arrested or turned away from the Haram. It was unanimously agreed to adopt all organs of enlightenment, orientation and sensitisation including the Ulama’ team, to inform pilgrims of Nusuk card as well as being careful of misplacing it. The card is expected to be handy at all times as reiterated by the Makkah Coordinator during his opening remarks.

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It was stated that the Saudi Authorities adopted the Nusuk access card as a crowd control measure and to prevent the overcrowding of Minna where illegal pilgrims usually displace bonafide pilgrims from accommodationand feeding services in Minna and Arafat. This is why the officials in the Haram have started barring Pilgrims without the Nusuk card from entering the Haram. Some states’ officials had indeed testified to distributing the Nusuk cards to their Pilgrims and admonished the rest to start doing the same immediately. Representative of the Armed Forces at the meeting highlighted some challenges encountered in using the card, yet emphasised the need to key into embracing the Nusuk card phenomenon. Kogi states reminded the meeting of the zoom meeting organised by NAHCON during which the introduction of the Nusuk was welcomed and adherence emphasised.

Some of the state officials present expressed happiness that they have since from home introduced their Pilgrims to the Nusuk card usages.

It was further advised that states’ staff should be stationed at all Pilgrims’ accommodations’ gates to monitor intruders already exploring ways to take advantages of some vulnerable Pilgrims. “Every Pilgrim must safeguard his/her Nusuk card if they
really want to enter and stay in Masha’er not other places.”

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The meeting was also used to explain some innovations introduced into the Hajj operation management and urged the states to take advantage of the new technologies and other applications as they will simplify a lot of their work. The E-Directory for instance will give all states officials access to each others contacts and access to all Field offices addresses. The provision of GPS location of every state, activation of Makkah & Madinah call centres and other applications injected into the Hajj companion will surely contribute and facilitate a smooth communication in the 2024 Hajj operation.

States were also requested to discourage their Pilgrims from patronising street eateries in order to avoid any health consequences.

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The Passports Management Control Committee urged states to liaise more with the field office of their Service providers for coherent synergy and services enhancement.

Muhammad writes from NAHCON Makkah Operations Office.

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