HomeNewsOver 1.5m Umrah pilgrims visited Madinah this season

Over 1.5m Umrah pilgrims visited Madinah this season

*More than 2.7million permits issued to pray in Rawdah





MADINAH — The number of Umrah performers and visitors who arrived in Madinah through air, land and sea ports since the beginning of the Umrah season of this year totaled 1,542,960 Umrah performers, and 1,300,380 have left and 242,580 are still in Madinah till Monday, according to a report issued by the Agency of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for the Affairs of Visit in Madinah.


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The statistics showed the number of the top visitors to Madinah in terms of their nationalities during this Umrah season, where Iraqi Umrah performers topped nationalities with 313,815, followed by Pakistanis with 201,003, Indonesians with 171,898, and Egyptians with 95,907 Umrah performers who visited the Prophet’s Mosque and performed prayers in it.

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The number of permits issued electronically to perform prayer in the Holy Rawdah at the Prophet’s Mosque during Ramadan totaled 262,781, including 116,045 permits for women, while the number of permits issued to pray at the Holy Rawdah since the beginning of the Umrah season reached 2,785,720 permits through Eatmarna application.

The ministry’s statistics showed that the total permits issued to perform Umrah during Ramadan this year reached 6,694,998 permits for Umrah performers and visitors of various nationalities through the Eatmarna application.

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The statistics revealed that the follow up and inspection teams implemented 900 field visits to check on the level of services offered by Umrah companies during Ramadan, where 950,000 visitors took part in a questionnaire to measure the level of satisfaction of visitors on the level of services offered during Ramadan. — SPA




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