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Ramadan 08: Renewal of devotional life, contacts with Quran





By Haroon-Ishola Balogun

Before you start to wonder how the month which we welcomed only a few days ago, wraps up and leaves the stage for the year, you have to re-examine yourself to be sure your devotional life as well as your contact with the Quran have increased tremendously.

The success of all what we do is measured by the effectit leaves upon us. Ramadan cannot just come and go without having an impact on you. The Prophet corroborated the prayer of Angel Jubril onthis by saying Amin when the latter visited him while ascending the minbar for salat. In the morning and evening, and at every point of our daily activities in Ramadan, we must be fully aware that in such mundane activities, we must as a matter of obligation remain under the divine injunctions of Allah.

Ramadan renews our enthusiasm to worship and devotion to Allah. Since we are doing away with some old ideas and inculcating new ones, we need to be careful and mindful of our actions. Old habits do not die easily except with commitment, sacrifice and determination to halt it. Watch what you do, and what you say, control your anger, be disciplined and filled with the presence of Allah in your life.

We must also renew our contacts with the Qur’an. Ramadan and the Qur’an are linked together. One of the things that made the month special is that it hosts the entire Quran. All the divine messages were revealed to the Prophet (s.a.w) in this blessed month.

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Again, fasting prepares the believers’ hearts to learn the words of Allah. It is the most suitable condition for our spiritual and mental communication with the Qur’an. All over the world, the focus and attention is on the Quran. There are recitations in several places, there are tafsir/explanations of the Qur’an in every corner of the globe. So, we must not be left out of this importantdevotion. This point makes the Muslim Ummah unique. We do the same thing, at the same time all over the world irrespective of social standing, colour or race.

The Ummah therefore must be protected. Identification with the Ummah in this month is also part of our important activities. The month offers a sense of care and love for others helps us to feel the pains of others and act to give them reliefs. Giving charity to the less privileged, providing iftar and sahoor for people who cannot afford it is also a meritorious act. Better still, inviting people to break fast with you on your bill is an act we should do often no matter how small.

Ramadan is not only an individual experience, but a communityexperience as well. This blessed month gives the Ummah a sense of unity and association. The Prophet taught us as Muslims to derive strength from another Muslim. But note that the strength of the Muslim community lies in its commitment to the values of goodness, morality and piety. If we all develop this act and gain more strength through piety, love and morality, we will remain the conquerors. This is what Ramadan is also meant to achieve.

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Fasting is about sacrifice, and sacrifice is Jihad. Both Ramadan and Jihad go together. Do not get me wrong, jihad is not about fighting and killing people as misconstrued by non-Muslims. Fasting and Jihad were prescribed in the same year, the second year of Hijrah in Madinah. Fasting prepares one for hardships and sacrifice. These are two important points without which Jihad is not possible.

So, the point being emphasised here is that Ramadan will prepare you for the struggle to achieve better living, freedom from all evil forces at personal level, community level and the world at large.  Ramadan is indeed a huge blessing from Allah.

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