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    Ramadan Day 10: How have you fared in the last ten days?





    In Islam, the practice of good deeds extends beyond the realm of prayer and fasting. Unfortunately, for many devout Muslims, the broader definition of good deeds is often lost. They think of good deed in terms of humility and respect.

    Yes! many Muslims are quite steadfast in their prayers, very diligent and painstaking in fasting, but they tend to disregard other moral etiquette as explained in both Qur’an and hadith of making people smile and laugh. We rarely put into practice what we learn from the Qur’an and Hadiths.

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    But this is of course another opportunity to remind us of our moral duties to others. So, we need to broaden our horizons on the issue of moral duty. So many portions of Qur’an, Allah mention belief with good deeds, therefore, it is important that we see good deeds as part of our belief and duty to others.

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    Asses yourself and see what how to continue your good deeds. Those good deeds you were not able to do in the last Ramadan and how you can achieve it now. Re-dedicate yourself to change and serve humanity, and improve in all aspect of good deed and relationship to Allah.

    Endeavour to break through old habits and think more about others and how to make them happy. Ramadan should be able to shift us into high gear for increasing our obedience to Allah and seeking His pleasure.

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    Let us use this golden opportunity to change from bad habit, shed away what is impure and strengthen the good and get transformed into a new being.

    This way, we can be able to say as human beings that we have positively changed the life of others in this glorious month. You can then be sure that Allah will be there to lift you higher. It is a divine promise, a sure way to reap bountifully from Allah.

    May Allah (swt) accept our ibadah.

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