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Thousands of Muslims stage mega rally for Palestine in Lagos *Demand Two states resolution





*Wants diplomatic relations with Israel cut off until…
*As Amnesty Int’l calls for justice

Thousand of Muslims gathered at Gani Fawehinmi Freedom park, Lagos, Saturday to protest the ongoing onslaught against the Palestinians in Gaza Strip by the Israeli forces, demanding that Nigerian government halt all diplomatic relations with Israel until a Two-States resolution is achieved among other issues.
The Muslims both male and females were carrying placards with different inscriptions such as ,’Free Palestine, free Gaza’ ‘End Israel aparthied now!’, Nigerians unite for Palestine’, Nigerians call for justice for Palestine’ Good people of America must stop Joe Biden’s collaboration with killers,’ among others.
The Conference of Islamic Organisations, CIO, few day after addressing a world press conference where the group vehemently condemned the bombing of children and innocent in a hospital, mobilised Muslims in the state for the rally in solidarity with Palestine.
Aged and renowned scholar, Sheikh Moshhod Ramadan lead the gatherings in intense prayers for Palestine and their allies, praying Allah to give victory to the Palestine which was followed by rendering of national anthem.
Addressing the gathering, Dean, Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto and Adviser to Vice Chancellor of Afro-Asian University, Somalia, Prof. Isa Maishanu, said: “following a deep study of the crisis in all its ramifications, the Pan-Nigerian Front for the Support of Palestine declared and demanded the international community led by the United Nations should prevail upon Israel to cease its bombing campaigns of Gaza and other areas which has brought horror not just to the Palestinians but to the world.

“The United Nations should lead efforts at creating humanitarian corridors and ensuring that aid and relief packages have access into Gaza and other places. Any interim peace process must as a matter of necessity, incorporate the lifting of the siege of Gaza
“We consider as irresponsible, reprehensible and barbaric the show of support by the duo of the United States and the European Union for Israel and we hold them complicit and culpable in this human tragedy happening before the global audience.
“ICC should commence a prosecution of the war crimes committed by Israel both now and before this time taking into consideration its violation of all extant international law including failure to protect the people under its occupation as written in the Geneva Convention.”

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The group reiterated that Hamas is not a terrorist organization, but an elected representative of the people engaged in arms insurrection against the occupying force as allowed by international law, rationality and necessity.

Prof Maishanu also said the international community led by the UN must retrieve the peace process from the monopoly of the United States which has become part of the Israeli occupation machinery.
“The world must work to bring Israel to the two-state solution, compel it to halt settlement building and lift its siege of Gaza
CIO called on the Arab League, The African Union, and other regional governments to exert pressure that will change the apartheid character of the Zionist state of Israel and make it conform to international laws and norms.
“ We sound the note of warning to Arab States who have normalized or are hoping to normalize to halt forthwith as this is the credential that Israel needed to wipe out Palestine as Netanyahu made clear in his speech at the recent United Nations General Assembly session.
The group encouraged the global audience horrified by this genocide to boycott all Israeli products and those of its affiliates.
“Corporate entities should divest away from any outfit having anything to do with Israel and governments should impose sanctions on the apartheid state.
“We also encourage all nations on the African continents to put on ice relations with Israel as sufferers of the brutality of colonial occupation in their history”

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Amnesty Int’l demand justice
A member of Board of Trustees, Amnesty International of Nigeria and Executive Director, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre, Auwal Ibrahim Musa, said Amnesty International condemned the continuous aggression and attack on the Palestinians, most especially children, women, disabled as well  aged people who have been brutally murdered as a result of the conflict. “Amnesty International continue to demand justice, and accountability and ensure peaceful resolution of the problem today in Gaza. This conflict has been going on for years but because of a lack of political will at the global level this has not been stopped and therefore, with this past murder of children and women, we have no option but to continue to voice out this oppression and violence against children and women orchestrated by extremist forces in Gaza and Palestine.”
He noted that Amnesty International and other civil society organizations in Nigeria are solemnly behind the voiceless oppressed and innocent people that have been killed.
“We call on the global world to initiate the genuine process of dialogue that will end this conflict. It is important that this conflict is resolved in the interest of peace and justice and human rights,” he said.

CIO commends past govts
Grand Mufti, Conference of Islamic Organizations (CIO), Sheikh Dhikrullah Shafi’, said the Israel blown war is not only on Palestine but the Muslim Ummah in in the world.
He commended past presidents of Nigeria for standing in solidarity with Palestine right from when Nigeria gained independence, except ex- President Jonathan who toed a different line.
He called President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to speak on behalf of the oppressed. ”Our hope is from Allah and that Palestine will surely succeed. People all over the world have spoken against the barbaric attack,” adding that despite what is going on in Sudan, the country also came out to condemn Israel’s action.
He commended Lagos State governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu for allowing the protest to take place in the state“ We thank you Mr Governor and appreciate this, we Muslims are peaceful people.”
Chairman Council of Muslim Scholars in Nigeria, Sheikh Abdul Fatai Thanni, said Nigeria Muslims came together to show concern and sympathy to the people of Palestine and Gaza and also to condemn the dreadful threat which deprived people of Palestine’s right to life on their land.
“The Western community is supporting injustice and eradication of the International law and also defeating the purpose for establishing the United Nations which is to allow humans to live with freedom and liberty. The American is supporting Israel after putting Gaza in castigation for more than 15 years, now they have stopped food, water, medicine, power and fuel to enter Gaza while bombing houses, hospitals, churches and innocent civilians, this is outrageous.
He called on the leadership of the Western world to intervene and let peace reign.
Senior Lecturer, University of Lagos, Prof Tajudeen Yusuf called on the United Nations to treat nations equally, he chided the United Nations for its inability to curb long-time oppression against the Palestinians.
“Every human being should be treated with dignity that is the only way peace can be restored to the world.”

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